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Back to Basics: A Beginners Guide to Natural Wine


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Saturday, January 27th • 2:00 to 3:30

Are you a wine lover who has been hearing about natural or “clean wine” and has no idea what people are on about? Well, we are here to clear all that up for you!

Join us for an interactive class about the world of natural wine. You’ll learn what makes a wine natural and the difference between natural and commercial wines. We’ll also delve into the various ingredients that go into your wine (hint: it’s more than just grapes!). As well as how wines are made, from vine to bottle.

This fun, engaging class will help you understand all the terms natural wine nerds use, like candy! We’ll cover everything from natty to classic and everything in between.

You’ll have a chance to taste six natural wines and explore crunchy red wines, funky orange wines, and classic styles that were natural before natural was a thing.

But hurry, this class is limited to just 20 curious wine lovers. So, get your tickets early before we run out of space!

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Out of stock

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