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Audarya Nuragus di Cagliari


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Sardinia, Italy
Viticulture: Sustainable
Grape varieties: 100% Nuragus

Audarya Nuragus di Cagliari is made from an indigenous grape grown in Sardinia. Bright notes of sea spray, citrus, and fresh herbs with zippy acidity.

Song: My Friend by Dr. Dog

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Out of stock

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About Audarya Nuragus di Cagliari

Audarya Nuragus di Cagliari is made from an indigenous grape grown in Sardinia. Bright notes of sea spray, citrus, and fresh herbs with zippy acidity.

About Audarya

Audarya means “nobility of the soul”, in an ancient oriental language. It’s the name of their company because at the center of what the winery does is about respect.

They make wines tied to the territory, with native grape varieties, but modern, for a spirited and curious public. Audarya looks to the tradition, with a new look. Leading the business are Salvatore and Nicoletta, the new generation, with the vital contribution of their father Enrico’s experience. In a few years, they have made Audarya a well-known brand, appreciated in Italy and abroad, and ambassador of a way of making wine in Sardinia, modern and traditional at the same time.

The area where today Serdiana is located has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. Over the centuries it has witnessed the passage of the Nuragic civilization to first the Punic and then the Roman. After the Vandal and Byzantine domination, Sardinia was part of the judge of Cagliari, in the Middle Age. The construction of the church of Santa Maria di Sibiola dates back to 1125. In 1257 Serdiana passed to the Giudicato of Arborea and then to the Republic of Pisa in 1297; then it became Aragonese in 1323 and Spanish until 1720.

The urban layout of the village still reflects the original housing cluster of the center. The historical center of Serdiana still maintains, in fact, a layout clearly of Arabic-Spanish origins. Sardinia is located a few kilometers from Su Stani Saliu, home to a rich fauna, including the famous pink flamingos, now settled in Cagliari, and a large population of the black-winged stilt. Sardinia has always been a thriving agricultural center. Currently, it is famous for its grape production.

About Nuragus

Nuragus is an ancient white grape variety used in Sardinia to produce Nuragus di Cagliari, one of several varietal DOC wines produced around the island’s capital, Cagliari. As is the case for much Sardinian wine, most of this is consumed locally, so it is rarely seen in export markets.

The name Nuragus itself is that of a small town in the hills between Cagliari and the fishing town of Oristano (where the specialty is Vernaccia di Oristano). “Nuraghe” (plural: “nuraghi”) is also the name of a prehistoric edifice that can be found in various locations around the island, the visible remnants of the ancient Sardinian Nuragic civilization.

As such, the variety is intertwined with Sardinian identity and was once one of the most planted grapevines on the island. Some sources believe the grapes may have been cultivated on the sides of the nuraghi in ancient times.