Argyle Growers Series Blanc de Noirs


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Viticulture: Sustainable
Grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Meunier

Argyle Growers Series Blanc de Noirs displays generous red-fruited depth and a firm structure, with Meunier providing floral freshness and savory depth.

Song: Cast Your Fate to the Wind by Vince Guardini Trio

5 in stock

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About Argyle Growers Series Blanc de Noirs

Argyle Growers Series Blanc de Noirs displays generous red-fruited depth and a firm structure, with Meunier providing floral freshness and savory depth. On the palate, nuances of bright cherry, spiced plum, and white grapefruit are woven together by a creamy texture and dynamic energy.

About Argyle Winery

From the winery:

Founded in 1987, Argyle quickly stood out as a study in contrasts – honoring the deep traditions of wine and embracing innovation and experimentation; proud to be Oregonian and pulling knowledge and support from winemakers around the world. When common knowledge said a winery could produce either great still wine or great Sparkling wine, Argyle answered, “Why not both?”

We’ve answered that question with wines that have long astonished tasters with range, complexity, and quality.

Talk about winemaking and you’ll hear a lot about terroir, the all-important connection between the land and the wine. Here, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we believe this concept goes even deeper. Here there’s a community of winemaking, a shared culture that is incredibly special and unique. Our neighbors are our friends and collaborators. We learn from each other. We support each other. We challenge each other. Because that’s what gets us closer to the goal. And the goal is, always, to make great wine.

When Rollin Soles, the founder of Argyle, visited the Willamette Valley in 1979, this spirit was a big part of what he fell in love with. Those were early, pioneering days, and the ethos of Oregon winemaking was already developing. There was a sense of work to be done and discoveries to be made and Rollin instantly knew he belonged here. It took him nearly another ten years — working and learning in Europe and Australia — before he came back home to Oregon.

Today, Argyle remains the essential Oregon winery by continuing to embrace the contradictions that make us strong. We are deeply established here, yet young at heart, led by stand-out winemaker Nate Klostermann, who grew up here at Argyle, and innovative viticulturist Geoff Hall. Together they have continued Rollin’s pioneering mission to explore and expand the possibilities of modern winemaking. Along the way, they’ve produced the most highly-rated wines in Argyle’s long history.

This valley, this community — this terroir — is in our blood, under our nails, and in our souls. If the goal is to make great wine, there is nowhere we’d rather be.


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