Ana Ros: Sun and Rain


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Chef Ana Roš tells the story of her life. Through essays, recollections, recipes, and photos, she shares the landscape that inspires her. The seasonal ingredients from local foragers, the tales of fishing and exploring, and the evolution of her inventive and sophisticated food at Hiša Franko.

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Ana Ros: Sun and Rain

A personal chef monograph, Sun and Rain is the first book, from globally-acclaimed chef Ana Roš of Hiša Franko. Her restaurant is set near the Italian border in Slovenia’s remote Soča valley. A picturesqe area in the foothills of mountains and beside a turquoise river full of trout,

Sun and Rain tells the story of her Ana Ros’ life. She shares essays, recollections, recipes, and photos. Furthermore, she shares the idyllic landscape that inspires her. To that end she documents the abundant seasonal ingredients from local foragers and tales of fishing and exploring. Additionally Sun and Rain recounts the evolution of her inventive and sophisticated food at Hiša Franko. Most importantly Ana Ros shares her journey with us. A journey that elevated Slovenian food and most certainly continues to impact in the global culinary landscape.

About the Author

Ana Roš is the chef of Hiša Franko, a tasting menu restaurant in Slovenia. Long in her husband’s family, she took over the kitchen in 2000. It was ranked #38 in 2019 by World’s 50 Best Restaurants, which named her World’s Best Female Chef in 2017. An episode about Roš appeared in season 2 of Netflix’s award-winning documentary series Chef’s Table.


“Slovenia is having bit of a moment right now… What makes Sun and Rain, from the star Slovenian chef Ana Ros, particularly timely. This hefty book mixes autobiography, recipe and beautiful images… you […] find yourself deliciously inspired.”—The Times, Weekend

“Give[s] readers a taste of… terroir-the earth, landscape, and the local ingredients.”—WSJ. Magazine

“Gorgeous, sweeping landscape photos of Slovenia coupled with gorgeous food photography, both by Suzan Gabrijan, provide a lush counterpoint to the text… for fans of Chef’s Table, culinary trophy hunters, and/or lovers of travel photography, it’s worth a look.”—Eater

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