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Amiran Vepkhvadze Chuck & Gabi Blend


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Zestafoni, Georgia
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: 70% Tsitska, 30% Otskhanuri Sapere

Amiran Vepkhvadze Chuck & Gabi is not red nor rose, and can be drunk chilled or not. A blend of the white Tsitska grape and the red Otskhanuri in kvevri.

Song: Got To Get You Into My Life by The Beatles

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Out of stock

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About Amiran Vepkhvadze Chuck & Gabi

Amiran Vepkhvadze Chuck & Gabi is not red nor rose, and can be drunk chilled or not. Tsitska brings acidity and minerality, and Otskhanuri brings character and a bit of tannin and displays an aspect of aroma not typically encountered with Otskhanuri. Light, fruity but complex and resonant. A blend conceived of by Amiran and Stetson, named for Stetson’s daughter Charlie (Chuck) and Amiran’s grandson Gabriel (Gabi).

Tsitska was spontaneously fermented in kvevri with no skin contact and aged in kvevri for 6 months. Otskhanuri Sapere was macerated for 2 weeks during fermentation then left in kvevri until blending in May following the harvest.

About Amiran Vepkhvadze’s Wine Cellar

Amiran Vepkhvadze’s Wine Cellar is located in the Imiretian village of Zestafoni in West Georgia. An attorney by trade, Amiran Vepkhvadze inherited a few hectares of Otskhanuri Sapere, a rare, indigenous varietal found only in Western Georgia. It was planted by his father and the vines are pergola trained in order to counter the humid conditions characteristic of the region. For years he sold the grapes to a large local winery. What they would pay gradually decreased until Amiran decided to start making his own wine. It remains one of the largest contiguous plots of the grape variety.

His vines are planted in fields near his home as well as in the nearby villages of Kinoti and Kldeeti: he grows white grapes Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Krakhuna, and the black grape Otskhanuri Sapere. Fermentation and aging of organically-farmed grapes occur in beeswax-lined kvevri. The wines receive no filtration or chemical additions.