Agri Segretum Cinino Frizzante


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Todi, Umbria, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: 100% Sangiovese

Agri Segretum Cinino Frizzante is a Sangiovese-based Pet-Nat from a fantastic natural producer. Cinino means “tiny one” but this is mighty.

Wrestler: Superstar Bill Dundee

8 in stock

More About This Wine

About Agri Segretum Cinino Frizzante

Agri Segretum Cinino Frizzante is a method ancestrale style bubbly, or ‘pet-nat,’ that comes from Agri Segretum’s most prevalent Sangiovese grape. A very gentle press is then given to the de-stemmed fruit to give just a touch of color to the wine, and a spontaneous fermentation begins after a couple of days in stainless steel tanks. After lowering temperatures, fermentation halts at around 7˚C and at about 20 g/l of residual sugar. The wine is hand bottled and closed with a crown cap and stored at 20˚C so that the leftover yeasts can continue eating away at the sugars. The continuing fermentation is locked in the bottle, and the output of CO2 has nowhere to go, thus creating a sparkle in the wine. The result is everything good in sparkling pink wine: fresh and bright fruit, vivacious mouth-feel, and enjoyable drinking for any occasion.

About Agri Segretum

Società Agricola Segretum is a remarkably charming small estate in the heart of the Umbrian countryside along the Tiber River Valley. Ready to leave behind their city life, Lorenzo de Monaco and Eileen Holland found this ‘secret’ spot (La Segreta) in 2009 and purchased about 30 hectares of land that would be planted with just over 5 hectares of indigenous grapes, as well as olive groves and a lovely agriturismo. A sincere respect for the land means everything is done by hand, with extreme dedication to the local traditions, and all of the crops that they harvest are certified organic to give extra regimen to their practices. At around 300 meters above sea level, the perfect Mediterranean climate suits their southwest-facing slope of vines perfectly for around 12,000 bottles annually, made mainly from the esteemed Sangiovese grape.

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