9 is Enough Negroamaro Vino Rosso


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Vintage: 2019
Region: Puglia, Italy
Viticulture: Biodynamic and Organic
Grape varieties: 100% Negroamaro

9 is Enough Negroamaro Vino Rosso is decisive and genuine, fresh and spicy, and very precise. Dark berry fruit and woodland characteristics.

Song: The Bottom Of It by Fruit Bats

Out of stock

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About 9 is Enough Negroamaro Vino Rosso

9 is Enough Negroamaro Vino Rosso is decisive and genuine, fresh and spicy, very precise with clean tannins that close the palate leaving a clear reminder of woodland. A wine that is amazing thanks to its disarming freshness and its illuminating taste. The fruit was hand-harvested and left fully intact for fermentation. It was fermented 100% whole-berry in open-top stainless-steel tanks. Fermentation happened naturally and the lot was gently hand plunged for very light extraction and to break up the berries a bit. After five days it was pressed directly to stainless-steel tanks to finish fermentation and age for a brief period without any disturbance. After six months the wine was bottled without fining or filtration and just a small addition of sulfur.

About 9 is Enough

9 is Enough is the culmination of the relatively short time Valentina has learned the nuance of her vineyard and the unique micro-sites within it. The major difference between the ‘9 is Enough’ wines and ‘Calcarius’ is the former comes from grapes grown on ‘brown’ soils while the latter is from the ‘white’ soils of her vineyard. Furthermore from a winemaking/style perspective ‘9 is Enough’ showcases the beauty of the grapes at a very low alcohol level, or 9% is enough (sub-10% across the line). She has initially set out to make them non-vintage wines, leaving herself the creative flexibility to blend across multiple vintages for unique profiles or for further experimentation in the cellar that might require the wine to be labeled non-vintage.

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