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4Kilos 12Volts


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Vintage: 2016
Region: Mallorca, Spain
Viticulture: Practicing organic
Grape Varieties: 60% Callet and Fogoneu, 20% Syrah,10% Cabernet, 10% Merlot

A Mediterranean blend of indigenous and international varieties grown on the isle of Mallorca. This wine is lively and energetic, with gobs of red berry fruit and spice. Unfined, unfiltered, minimal sulfur addition.

Wrestler: Macho Man Randy Savage

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Out of stock

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4Kilos Spanish red wine, 12 Volts is a blend of 60% native Callet with 20% Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 10% Merlot. The native Callet grapes produce lighter wines that is expressive and accentuates the Mediterranean character (scrubland, aromatic herbs). 

At 4Kilos, they think of vineyards like forests.  This “forest approach” leads to ecological diversity. Consequently there are fewer problems. Additionally, natural edges around the vineyards create a home for mosquitoes and bees. More importantly, these natural predators attack pests. Similarly, nettle and sage help the grape leaves resist green mosquitoes. 

About 4Kilos

In August of 2006, Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero set up 4Kilos Spanish Red Wine in Mallorca. They produce wines that reflect the strength and nuance of their grapes. It is not all about ecological variety. They also understand the importance of the strain-soil-climate-growth eco-system. 

The support of local winemakers is a crucial component of their success. With their help, 4Kilos uses a more natural approach to farming grapes and maintains respect for the environment. As a result, many of the vineyards use native vegetation to cover and concentrate the grapes. Additionally, the plants contribute to better ground porosity and increase the microbial population.

Francesc Grimalt is the winemaker. His time at Anima Negra Cellar led to his biggest claim to fame. The rescue of a variety of the native grape Callet. His partner, Sergio Caballero, is a musician as well as the founding partner and co-director of the Sonar festival. A festival dedicated to advanced music and multimedia arts.

In late September 2006, 4Kilos produced its first wine. They created that first vintage in a fellow winemaker’s garage and with few resources. However, they did have excellent grapes. Next, they converted a former sheep farm into a small winery in 2007. There, they grew the first harvest for their new project, 12Volts. In 2015 they introduced 4Kilos Motor Spanish wine.

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