It Is a Bojo Wonderland: Sunday School

Sunday September 19th • noon to 1:30 pm

Sunday School is back in session on September 19th. This month we are headed to Beaujolais, France. Forget what you think about Beaujolais… all the marketing you have ever heard is a lie. The wines of Beaujolais are actually incredibly drinkable and delicious. 

Join us and learn what a cru is and why it matters, all about the grape that made this region famous and some of the winemakers making a name for themselves in this famous wine region! (Also all you red wine lovers won’t want to miss this one)

This is a fun, casual class about wine. Interaction is the name of the game. Taste wine, ask questions and generally give Tim all the sass you can. 


Private: Sunday School: Casual Classes About Wine

Join us every third Sunday from Noon-1:30 for a wine class!

If you’ve been in the shop you know, WE LOVE talking about wine and Tim is always ready to share all the knowledge. Let’s step it up a notch and really get down to the business of nerding out about wine.


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