Basque Country Wines and Such: Sunday School

Sunday August 29th • 5:00 to 6:30 pm

The Basque country of Spain is truly special and we want to celebrate all the bounty of this special region. In this special “night school” session of Sunday School our special guest, importer Dave O’Brien, will give you an insider’s look into this unique region.

We will taste through three of Mr. O’Brien’s offerings alongs with three other wines from the region. We might even have a few surprises for you! (Who doesn’t like a sneak peek?) Instead of our traditional charcuterie and cheese plate we will have a small assortment of Basque “pintxos” for each student. (The beautiful and delicious bar tapas that the region is famous for!)

This is a fun, casual class about wine. Interaction is the name of the game. Taste wine, ask questions and generally give Tim and Dave all the sass you can.


Sunday School: Casual Classes About Wine


Join us for a very special Night School edition of Sunday School Sunday August 29th from 5:00-6:30 for a wine class dedicated to all things Basque!

If you’ve been in the shop you know, WE LOVE talking about wine and Tim is always ready to share all the knowledge. Let’s step it up a notch and really get down to the business of nerding out about wine.

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